Beijing, China
    October 1996 

     About the YAK MAN

Claude's recent trip is a continuation of his wandering spirit. His first long bicycle trip lasted from 1988 to 1991 which brought him from Switzerland to India and back through Iran with an extended stopover in the Pakistani, Nepali and Indian Himalayas.

He has cycled over 152,000 kilometers (and counting) on Earth's most remote terrain, including the highest roads of the planet with many passes over 5,000 meters!

EMail can be sent to Claude Marthaler.

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"Money is the nerve of the war" say the generals,"the nature of any journey is to fill up your mind and empty your pockets." From the first circumnavigation from Magellan to the most recent Picard & Jones around the worldtour by balloon, via explorers like Prejevalsk, Sven Hedin, travellers like Ibn Battuta, the quest for kings, queens, companies as sponsors has been a constant preoccupation, but never the quest itself.

Behind anonymous names or logos, sponsors are the first people who believe in your project and realize their dream by procurement. From the chain ring size of a bike company to the sprocket one of a roof or a hot meal, an infinite chain of links has added fresh fuel in the Yak's motor. Welcome to the Yak's website!

Europe and worldwide:

  • Banque Aufina - money
  • Bohle France  - 32 Schwalbe Marathon tires (1994-2001)
  • Cébé  - sunglasses
  • DHL worldwide express courier  - spare parts delivery (1994-2001)
  • Roger Guenat  - headlamp
  • Hors-Piste  - rain gear
  • Illford Anitec AG  - film
  • Katadyn Produits SA -  water filter
  • Rose Marthaler, Claude's mother - coach, typing, organization (1994-2001)
  • Mepha A.G.- Swiss pharmaceutical company, publication of articles in its "Rainbow News" magazine.
  • Olmo Sport AG  - clothes
  • Patagonia France  - winter clothes
  • Redfish Group (USA) - WWW site design and maintenance (1994-2001)
  • Schweizer Bike Magazine -  money
  • Scott Swiss  - bicycle and spare parts
  • Sevysa SA -  wristwatch and sunglasses
  • Tecnica Swiss -  clothes and bike shoes
  • Vélo Plus  - complete biking and camping equipment, money (1994-2001)
  • Veloburo Olten - water bottle cages, money.
  • Véloracing MTB Cycletech -  Bruce Gordon front and back carriers.
  • Victorinox  - Swiss knives

  • Japan

    Canada Sponsors:

    U.S.A. Sponsors:

    Mexico Sponsors:

    Central America Sponsors:

    South America Sponsors:

    Africa Sponsors:

    European Sponsors:

    Wish List:


    If you would like to contact Claude, correspondence can be mailed any time to:

    Claude C/O Rose Marthaler
    Rue Tronchin, 1 1202
    Genéve, Switzerland
    phone 0041-22-344-8255

    Or, eMail can be sent to Claude Marthaler.


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