Following are more photos from the road. Claude's images are emailed and snail mailed in thanks to the generous sponsors found along the bikepath.

More images from the road can be found in Photo Gallery and in Postcards.
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Break in the rain,
with Matt Emslie (from Lockport)
Yukon, Canada
July '97

one more major surgerical
operation on the Yak
Palmer Machinery Co.
Palmer, Alaska
2 june '97

Peanut butter fuel
Matanuska glacier, Alaska
june '97.

Robert Connor
welding the chainstay of the Yak
Andersen, Alaska
14 may '97

Across the Brooks range
Northern Slope, Alaska
may '97

At "Mami flowers design school"
Tokyo, Japan
march '97

"Cheers !" On Hokkaido island
Rishiri volcano, Japan
april '97

Encounter with Luc Belet,
a Belgian cyclist
Gansu, China
25 august '96

"Mao is watching you"
Litang, eastern Tibet
summer '96

winter '95

Northern India
winter '95

april '95


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