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2014.01.11 RedfishGroup's Owen Densmore, lead skunk and chief sommelier, releases AgentScript - an open-source HTML5 Agent-Based Modeling framework. Check out all its in-browser goodness!
2013.07.17 RedfishGroup awarded Phase II SBIR with neighbor company and lead Principal Investigator, RetreiverTech. Two Year $1 million project for developing image processing alogrithms for historical Seismograms.
2011.11.17 Time Magazine Online features Simtable as one of five top cool inventions for 2011
2009.03.11 New company, Simtable, launched at sfComplex to develop sandtable-based agent-based models and visualizations for public safety and community planning applications.
2008.10.15 Venice Table project announced in Italy as part of EU Civitas project
2008.04.08 New sandtable developed at sfComplex

Redfish Group's Interactive Sandtable demonstrated for wildfire evacuation simulations

2006.12.03 Redfish Crowd Dynamics software is open-sourced. example sports stadium evacuation developed for Homeland Security.
2006.11.01 City of Santa Fe collaboration to model wildfire evacuation
2006.10.15 New collaboration with Sandia National Laboratories to augment existing "sand table" exercises by emergency planners to support collaborative agent-based simulations
2005.08.14 O'Reilly article "Using Mobile Phones to Model Complex Social Systems" describes the MIT Media Lab's Reality Mining project. RedfishGroup provided visualization support. Powerpoint of findings presented at Where 2.0 by Nathan Eagle.
2004.09.18 New white paper: "Peeking into the Black Box: Some Art and Science to Visualizing Agent-Based Models"
2003.12.29 Catherine Anderson's "Stirrings on the Info Mesa" article in Tech Comm Journal

SimWildfire, 3D wildfire simulation


Ed Regis's book on the current state of the Santa Fe scene is released: The Info Mesa: Science, Business, and New Age Alchemy on the Santa Fe Plateau

2003.01.31 FRIAM Group establishes Applied Complexity Lecture Series hosted at the Santa Fe Institute

Wired Magazine's Greetings from the Info Mesa: A past summary of the development scene in Santa Fe.