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Mouse: Rotate
Shift+mouse: Zoom
Alt+mouse: Translate/Pan
Mouse pressed in log view panel: toggle maximise of log view.

"/","?" Key: Show this help view.
0-9     Key: Change number of agents to 10,000*n (0==10) and restart the model.
"b"     Key: Set off a bomb at the mouse location.
"g"     Key: Toggles the ground plane to the stadium visual.
"f"     Key: Toggles real/prototype stadium
"t"     Key: Toggles display of rows with injured and dead.
"i"     Key: Changes way labels are displayed: (Type/ID)
"l"     Key: Turn Labels On/Off.
"p"     Key: Pause.
"h"     Key: Home view (reset view).
"o"     Key: Show log view.
"[","]" Key: Show more or less log lines in log view.
"="     Key: Show graph 
"z"     Key: Show people/occupied links view.
"r"     Key: Re-start model with current number of agents etc.
"s"     Key: Change agent shape between point, rect, and box.
"w"     Key: Toggle writing agent data.
"<",">" Key: Decrease, Increase agent speed.

Questions on use? 
email or mobile (505) 995-0206

Source code: Stadium21 Agent Base Edge FileGraph Graph Keyboard Nav Node Ribbons ToyGraph Utils geometry output

Built with Processing