Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 16:46:40

Subject: "If you can ride, you can...! "

Denver, 17 oct. 97, km 6O6OO and some more

Dear Redfishes !

Just a small note to say hello !In Denver, I could meet my best friend Benedicte Storme, a french woman (4 years on a bike, 65OOO kms, mostly in Asia), met in 88 in Syria, in 89 in Pakistan, in 9O in India, in 92 in France. She stopped her trip in L.A. in a chinese buddhist monastery and studied buddhism for 5 years !

But don't be afraid My blood full of nomadness is not ready to take a monastic way. And turning the pedals is still my best way of meditating. The presence of the nearby mountains able to regulate my breath. The jewel is in the center of the wheel. Tomorrow, I'll hit the road again for many more full moons.

"If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing" says a proverb from Zimbabwe If you can ride, you can......add what ever you wish says the Yak Contact.

The Yak send his most positive vibrations to all the e-mail senders (till the 17 of october 97) for the nice messages he received. Unfortunately, he had no time to answer all of them and will be back to the senders by mail or call if possible. Drop him some lines to General Delivery, Moab, Utah, USA till the end of october. Tapes of any kind of music would be appreciated to cross the unending roads of the States. So many thanks in advance.

The YAK_

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