Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 09:04:44 +0200
From: Claude Marthaler

Dear Redfishes!
Kano, Nigeria, June 12, km 1O6248

As always in Africa, a lot of 'terraces' with music and street rumors to watch people's lives and a lot of beer, Nigeria produces the largest choice of them in Africa. Long high walls with houses - fortresses of Mafia barons - mostly Lebanese. Is it necessary to set this precise boundary? Walls have ears... The prostitute-street with terraces in Kano is still very alive. One says that the numerous busy women were driven away from Kaduna and Sokoto, where the 'charia' (Islamic law) has been introduced recently. Sometimes they cover their head, smoke cigarettes, drink beer - and work, an exception in a jobless country.

At the moment 'Nigeria exports what it doesn't have - democracy, and imports what they have - petroleum, say people here. Petrol pump owners close down their business and sell fuel on the black market just beside their entire reserve. The issue is highly political, as Islamics are very active in the north; Kano, being the second largest city in the country, could easily burn - volatile like the fuel. The second in charge in neighboring Niger has been involved in the assassination of its last president, one year ago.

Africa, one is tempted to think, is an inextricable network of intrigues. Fortunately, beer and fuel will never interfere with bike-power and will let the yak reach Niamey, Niger by the end of June...

The YAK_


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