Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998
From: Claude Marthaler <>

Subject: Mexico-suicide

Mexico City, almost kilometer 69000

Dear Redfishes !

Mexico suicide. From the pass "Puerto La Cruces", at 3O35 meters, the yak went down at forty to fifty km/h into the tinted air of Mexico city. Before it was a huge lake here. Now, probably the biggest and most polluted city in the world.

Daily, an estimation of thousand to two thousands of people increase the tventy millions inhabitants. Since the fifties, some areas of the capital have sunk en meters below their original level. Mexico is on the very edge of a major collapse, despite the fact that one day a week, you're not allowed to drive your car. In Mexico, you just buy another car (if possible old, cheap and very polluting) and that's it.

The Yak is riding crazy, like in a rodeo, in this urban jungle of micro-bus, VW green taxis. By the end of the day, the city even paints you with it's own black color, from head to toe. Here, the ecology seems to be a worry of the rich world.

"One gets accustomed to it" say the friendly people in the streets. Ozone hole ? Cancer ? Mexicans are not going to move. The politics are totally corrupt. Will Mexico survive ?

The YAK_

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